Prosciutto di parma and artichoke on "carbone" dough #pizza #charcoal #blackened #preflight #snack …


Artisanal pepper grinders #handmade #ooakx16

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

No JavaScript frameworks were created during the writing of this article.The following is inspired…

808 Documentary

Enod Restaurant Concept by Lionel Durimel

Enod Restaurant by Lionel Durimel


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Sarah, you articulated exactly what I have been saying since the election ended.

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Of course they can't be addressed overnight.

(Thanks for responding in any case. I've never written on Medium before but I've written on…

I’m getting a ton of replies right now so its hard for me to reply.

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President-Elect Donald Trump

This wasn’t a pretty election. In fact, it was ugly, and we should not sugarcoat the reason…

Thank you, Sarah.

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Thank you!❤️

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Trent, because you seem to like informing people about these bubbles we're all in, let me inform…

You are under the impression that these "isms" are literally a distraction from the…


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Breaking Out Of The Box: Design Inspiration (November 2016) – Smashing Magazine


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Friday’s internet outage

Friday’s internet outage was caused by multiple sustained attacks against one of the internet…

Red Rooster Coffee

Bloomberg Markets, Magazine Re-Design & Style Guide | WELCOME TO COLOR & hello to karlssonwilker (V)

Bloomberg Markets, Magazine Re-Design & Style Guide | WELCOME TO COLOR & hello to karlssonwilker (V)

Offf - Italia | Los Angeles based designer and developer | Jesus Lizama

Using the latest tools and technologies, such as React, Redux and NodeJS, I help turn great ideas…

eex - collection of web eexperiments

eex is a growing collection of creative code experiments built using web technologies such as Canvas…

❤ Come back!

I am a branding, print, and web designer in Baltimore, Maryland. I like making bold work with even…

The Taproot Agency | Research | Strategy | Branding | Digital

The Taproot Agency, a research-driven marketing & digital agency in Tallahassee, FL provides…

Media Election - Trump v Clinton

FOUR32C built Media Election using artificial intelligence that constantly scans 150,000 publishers…

Creative Studio & Artist Representation – Hugo & Marie, NYC

Hugo & Marie is a multi-disciplinary creative studio and artist representation firm based in New…

Get Great Logos, Brand & Mobile Design Now | Design Inc.

Work with the best designers in the world to help you design anything, including logos, app design,…


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